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trx_toolkit/ legacy flag is only for version 0x00
Since version 0x01, the burst bits are encoded as L16V, so appending two dummy octets doesn't make sense. Change-Id: I4d6c0bf54649d636ea6cb3fa2f37486b6619d5b3
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diff --git a/src/target/trx_toolkit/ b/src/target/trx_toolkit/
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--- a/src/target/trx_toolkit/
+++ b/src/target/trx_toolkit/
@@ -271,7 +271,7 @@ class DATAMSG:
# This is a rudiment from (legacy) OpenBTS transceiver,
# some L1 implementations still expect two dummy bytes.
- if legacy:
+ if legacy and self.ver == 0x00:
buf += bytearray(2)
return buf