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trx_toolkit/README: update description
Since Ibff31fb3a958a714c828d0dea7e87d47f778fd80, does support multiple transceivers. Let's update its description. Change-Id: I6e4351693da3a1f7e3eadd8e11971c34044dde20
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@@ -5,8 +5,9 @@ emulating a virtual Um-interface between OsmocomBB and OsmoBTS.
Brief description of available applications:
- - main application, that allows to connect both
- OsmocomBB and OsmoBTS without actual RF hardware. Currently
- only a single MS may work with a single BTS.
+ OsmocomBB and OsmoBTS without actual RF hardware. It's also
+ possible to emulate more than two transceivers, so multiple
+ MS and/or BTS instances can be connected.
- - a peripheral tool aimed to emulate TDMA frame
clock generator. Could be used for testing and clock