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layer23/sap_interface.c: reimplement (BT)SAP interface
The (BT)SAP (Bluetooth SIM Access Profile) is a part of Bluetooth specifications, that defines the protocol and procedures that shall be used to access a smart card (usually GSM SIM) via a Bluetooth link. The profile defines two roles: - Server - the side that has direct access to a smart card. It acts as a SIM card reader, which assists the Client in accessing and controlling the smart card. - Client - the side that accesses and controls the smart card inside the Server through the connection with Server. Typical examples of a Server are a simple SIM card holder or a portable phone in the car environment. A typical example of a Client is a car phone, which uses a subscription module in the Server for a connection to the cellular network. OsmocomBB implements the Client role providing abstract SAP interface API to the higher layers. Instead of Bluetooth, a UNIX socket is used to communicate with a Server. The previous implementation of (BT)SAP interface was incomplete and hard to maintain. This change (re)implements it almost from scratch on top of the Osmocom FSM framework. Besides that, the most significant changes are: - The implementation is separated into three parts: - sap_interface.{c|h} - public SAP interface API, - sap_proto.{c|h} - SAP protocol definition, - sap_fsm.{c|h} - SAP FSM implementation. - Both 'sap_message' and 'sap_param' structures follow the SAP message format definition according to 5.1 and 5.2. - The message parsing is done more carefully in order to prevent buffer overflow and NULL-pointer dereference. - Introduced public API for getting / adding message parameters, and checking the ResultCode. - Introduced public API for opening / closing a connection with the server, powering on / off and resetting the SIM card, sending ATR and APDU. - Introduced a call-back for handling the response message. - Card reader state is also a part of the public API. The new implementation was tested against softsim [1]. The only limitation is Server-initiated Release, that allows the Server to 'ask' a Client to release connection as soon as communication with the smart card is finished. This is not implemented (yet), and leads to immediate release. [1] Change-Id: I77bb108615bb2c94c441568f195b04e0a5421643
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