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fake_trx: introduce CTRL commands for RSSI simulation
Since FakeTRX is a proxy, it basically emulates transceiver for both osmo-bts-trx and trxcon, hence there are two separate and independent control interfaces (usually, ports 6701 and 5701). All simulation commands (see 'FAKE_*') are usually implemented on both interfaces separately: - - simulation commands affecting Uplink, - - simulation commands affecting Downlink. This change introduces the 'FAKE_RSSI' command for both CTRL interfaces in two variations: - absolute: CMD FAKE_RSSI <BASE> <THRESH> - relative: CMD FAKE_RSSI <+-BASE_DELTA> where 'THRESH' affects optional value randomization. Change-Id: Ic01c31fb0304345dd7337c3ee1c7ee3c2d3e8460
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