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trxcon/scheduler: add CCCH/SDCCH mframe layouts with CBCH
According to GSM TS 05.02, section 3.3.5, Cell Broadcast Channel (CBCH) is a downlink only channel, which is used to carry the short message service cell broadcast (SMSCB). CBCH is optional, and uses the same physical channel as SDCCH. More precisely, CBCH replaces sub-slot number 2 of SDCCH channels when enabled. This change introduces the CBCH enabled multi-frame layouts, and two separate logical channel types: - GSM_PCHAN_CCCH_SDCCH4_CBCH (lchan TRXC_SDCCH4_CBCH), - GSM_PCHAN_SDCCH8_SACCH8C_CBCH (lchan TRXC_SDCCH8_CBCH). Both logical channels are separately identified using the following Osmocom specific cbits: - TRXC_SDCCH4_CBCH - 0x18 (0b11000), - TRXC_SDCCH8_CBCH - 0x19 (0b11001). The reason of this separation is that we somehow need to distinguish between CBCH on C0/TS0, and CBCH on CX/TS0. Unlike TRXC_SDCCH8_CBCH, TRXC_SDCCH4_CBCH is enabled automatically (TRX_CH_FLAG_AUTO), so CBCH messages can be decoded on C0 while being in idle mode. Change-Id: Iad9905fc3a8a012ff1ada26ff95af384816f9873
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