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firmware/layer1: add scheduler tasks for CBCH
According to GSM TS 05.02, section 3.3.5, Cell Broadcast Channel (CBCH) is a downlink only channel, which is used to carry the short message service cell broadcast (SMSCB). CBCH is optional, and uses the same physical channel as SDCCH. More precisely, CBCH replaces sub-slot number 2 of SDCCH channels when enabled. This change introduces the following CBCH related tasks: - MF_TASK_SDCCH4_CBCH (CBCH on C0/TS0 SDCCH/4), - MF_TASK_SDCCH8_CBCH (CBCH on SDCCH/8), which are identified using the following Osmocom specific cbits: - MF_TASK_SDCCH4_CBCH - 0x18 (0b11000), - MF_TASK_SDCCH8_CBCH - 0x19 (0b11001). The only way to enable these tasks at the moment is to send L1CTL_DM_EST_REQ message with required cbits and tn. Change-Id: I1d7f02cba1cd8f6527360589d2d2747b6426f78b
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