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firmware/board/compal: indicate both DCS and PCS Rx ports as connected
Each given Mot C1xx phone is made either for 900+1800 MHz, in which case only the DCS Rx port is connected, or for 850+1900 MHz, in which case only the PCS Rx port is connected. Let's tell the TRF6151 driver that both DCS and PCS ports are connected, so that the same binary build can be used on both EU-band and US-band C1xx phones. If one needs to tune the TRF6151 receiver out of spec, or at least outside of the DCS/PCS Rx SAW filter's legitimate passband (or if the SAW filter was changed or removed), then the rffe_get_rx_ports() function might be changed to indicate which Rx port is physically connected: PORT_DCS1800 only or PORT_PCS1900 only. Change-Id: I620084c33ad165faffbbfc45923faedad77aafb2
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