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authorPhilipp Maier <>2019-10-01 13:53:17 +0200
committerlaforge <>2019-10-07 20:02:21 +0000
commit42b17cc5f20e83cb04f6c5a3d0794f74cdb69e91 (patch)
parent9ff0f8afda8f9b46bbc4cf7f0d3bbed456ad0d06 (diff)
MGCP_Test: Relax expected number of packets in TC_one_crcx_receive_only_rtp
The testcase TC_one_crcx_receive_only_rtp performs a short RTP transmission that lasts about 1 second. Then it conuts out the number of packets that are transmitted and checks against a fixed value. The compare values are determined using experimentation and reflect the number of bytes/packets that one could expect under normal conditions on an average machine. However, there may be load sitations on the test host that may cause that a too little number of packets is transmitted and the test will fail. Lets reduce the number a bit as the only thing we want to make sure with this is that there are at least some (more than one or two) packets transmitted Change-Id: Ie63445d61268d178940ce8d9cfa984519c42041a
1 files changed, 9 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/mgw/MGCP_Test.ttcn b/mgw/MGCP_Test.ttcn
index 41def03..1a45015 100644
--- a/mgw/MGCP_Test.ttcn
+++ b/mgw/MGCP_Test.ttcn
@@ -1601,10 +1601,17 @@ module MGCP_Test {
stats := f_rtpem_stats_get(RTPEM[0]);
- if (stats.num_pkts_tx < 40) {
+ /* Make sure that at least some amount of RTP packets/bytes
+ * have has been transmitted. The compare values for
+ * stats.num_pkts_tx and stats.bytes_payload_tx are determined
+ * using a testrun and the results were devided by 2, so even
+ * in load situations we should reach the minimum amount of
+ * required packets/bytes */
+ if (stats.num_pkts_tx < 24) {
- if (stats.bytes_payload_tx < 190) {
+ if (stats.bytes_payload_tx < 96) {