BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
achemeris/2sectorTranscever:hack: Support second independent channel by adding CLK socket to t...Alexander Chemeris4 years
achemeris/diversityradioInterface: HACK: placeholder for the diversity switching logic.Alexander Chemeris4 years
achemeris/empty-burstsTransceiver: Add an option to send RSSI to the GSM core even if the burst is ...Alexander Chemeris4 years
achemeris/load_testingconditional load testing (selected at compile time), turned on by default.Alexander Chemeris6 years
achemeris/phase_err_measTransceiver: Compansate for frequency error.Alexander Chemeris4 years
achemeris/poweroff_hackTransceiver52M: HACK: Exit transceiver on POWEROFF command.Alexander Chemeris6 years
achemeris/ramp-mask5 bit ramp-up/ramp-downAlexander Chemeris4 years
achemeris/rtmdDebug: Shorten names of RTMD tracks, add instrumentation to Transceiver.cpp.Alexander Chemeris6 years
achemeris/stable_threadsBuild: Remove dependency on SVN since we don't use it anymore anywhere.Alexander Chemeris6 years
coveritymcbts: Fix maximum number in channels in multicarrier configTom Tsou3 years
fairwaves/625sigproc: Setup downlink bursts at 156.25 duration with 4 SPSTom Tsou4 years
fairwaves/WIP-decoderosmo-trx-dec: Offline demodulation tool.Alexander Chemeris2 years
fairwaves/libxtrxfix buildSergey.Kostanbaev19 months
fairwaves/masterdebian: Update changelog to 0.1.11Ivan Kluchnikov2 years
fairwaves/master-oldTransceier52M: Make error response to an unknown command on UDP command inter...Alexander Chemeris4 years
fairwaves/no-demodfixupAlexander Chemeris3 years
fairwaves/old-masterCommon: Make sure gLogEarly() log to the same facilities as the normal log.Alexander Chemeris4 years
fixeria/freq_shiftWIP: introduce freq. shifting featureVadim Yanitskiy11 months
kluchnikov/recv-timeout-fixTransceiver52M: UHD: Exit on receive more than 100 timeout errorsIvan Kluchnikov5 years
laforge/limelms: Fix coding styleHarald Welte13 months
masterTransceiver: Initialize mExtRACH in constructorPau Espin Pedrol10 hours
max/fixAdd .gitignoreMax3 years
msms: Move clock indications generation to lower drive loopTom Tsou5 years
osmith/select-limesdr-by-serialWIP: move comma_delimited_to_vector to Utils.cppOliver Smith7 months
pespin/trxdTransceiver: Support TRXD v1Pau Espin Pedrol2 weeks
ramp-maskhack: Add manual cosine power ramp maskTom Tsou4 years
rel-0.3.0Bump version: 0.2.0 → 0.3.0Pau Espin Pedrol16 months
tnt/ciAdd C/I computationSylvain Munaut2 months
tnt/convolvetests: Re-enable the convolve_test by defaultSylvain Munaut7 months
ttsou/master-compattransceiver: Remove clock indications from control pathTom Tsou3 years
ttsou/siggensiggen: Add osmo-siggen for GSM/EDGE test signal generationTom Tsou2 years
1.0.0commit d20b7fa579...Harald Welte6 months
0.4.0commit d0ac926b56...Pau Espin Pedrol15 months
0.3.0commit 71637150a1...Pau Espin Pedrol16 months
0.2.0commit 78e1cd20e2...Harald Welte21 months
fairwaves/0.1.11commit df83636300...Ivan Kluchnikov2 years
fairwaves/0.1.10-3commit bd9c6215da...Alexander Chemeris3 years
fairwaves/0.1.10-2commit 33f03a0bb9...Alexander Chemeris3 years
fairwaves/0.1.10-1commit a336f254dc...Kirill Zakharenko3 years
fairwaves/0.1.9-1commit b54d46e670...Kirill Zakharenko4 years
fairwaves/0.1.9commit bb8d46adaa...Kirill Zakharenko4 years