path: root/Transceiver52M/sigProcLib.cpp
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2016-07-01iface: Add inner ring-buffer implementationTom Tsou1-1/+0
2016-06-22transceiver: Add an option to emulate a RACH delay in random filler mode.Alexander Chemeris1-6/+12
2016-06-21sigproc: Expand RACH, TSC, and EDGE correlation windowsTom Tsou1-10/+10
2016-04-26EDGE: Fix demodulation slicer inputTom Tsou1-1/+1
2016-04-26uhd: Correct timing alignment in 8-PSK and GMSK downlink burstsTom Tsou1-5/+14
2016-04-20transceiver: Add an option to generate random Access Bursts.Alexander Chemeris1-0/+33
2016-04-20transceiver: Properly handle MAXDLY.Alexander Chemeris1-4/+5
2016-03-08EDGE: Combine shared GMSK and 8-PSK demodulator sectionsTom Tsou1-22/+35
2016-03-08sigproc: Add various GSM burst generatorsTom Tsou1-0/+62
2016-03-08sigproc: Always use 625 sample length bursts with 4 SPSTom Tsou1-12/+12
2016-03-06EDGE: Add 8-PSK modulator and demodulatorTom Tsou1-25/+465
2016-03-06sigproc: Remove normal burst DFE equalizerTom Tsou1-171/+1
2016-03-06sigproc: Remove dynamic SPS configurationTom Tsou1-48/+50
2015-07-30sigProcLib: Abstract out common part of Normal/RACH burst detection.Alexander Chemeris1-70/+53
2015-07-30sigProcLib: Check for bogus TOA before using it.Alexander Chemeris1-2/+2
2015-07-30Transceiver: Fix clipping detection.Alexander Chemeris1-15/+31
2015-06-01sigProcLib: Fix burst start phase.Alexander Chemeris1-1/+1
2015-05-18sigproc: Add clipping detection on RACH and TSC inputTom Tsou1-4/+25
2013-11-15Transceiver52M: Enable all warnings and resolveThomas Tsou1-5/+6
2013-11-15Transceiver52M: Remove unused codeThomas Tsou1-20/+0
2013-11-15Transceiver52M: sigproc: Wrap internal phase on frequency shiftThomas Tsou1-0/+4
2013-11-15Transceiver52M: Dynamically allocate correlation vectorsThomas Tsou1-6/+10
2013-11-15Transceiver52M: Allow separate in/out vectors for delay and decimationThomas Tsou1-51/+62
2013-11-15Transceiver52M: Setup sinc() call directly with table lookupThomas Tsou1-2/+23
2013-11-15Transceiver52M: Precompute fractional delay filtersThomas Tsou1-14/+59
2013-11-15Transceiver52M: Separate signalVector into it's own fileThomas Tsou1-26/+26
2013-11-15Transceiver52M: Dynamically allocate convolution input vectorsThomas Tsou1-21/+28
2013-11-15Transceiver52M: Add NEON complex-complex multiplyThomas Tsou1-0/+22
2013-11-15Transceiver52M: Add ARM NEON supportThomas Tsou1-2/+15
2013-11-08Transceiver52M: Remove unused files and utilitiesThomas Tsou1-2/+0
2013-10-18Transceiver52M: Setup dual sample rate transceiverThomas Tsou1-68/+133
2013-10-18Transceiver52M: Generate delay filter with SSE memory alignmentThomas Tsou1-24/+41
2013-10-18Transceiver52M: Reduce RACH and TSC correlation windowsThomas Tsou1-8/+8
2013-10-18Transceiver52M: Setup dual Laurent pulse shaping filterThomas Tsou1-44/+211
2013-10-18Transceiver52M: Refactor RACH and normal burst detectionThomas Tsou1-117/+137
2013-10-18Transceiver52M: Add 4 samples-per-symbol Laurent pulse shapeThomas Tsou1-9/+40
2013-10-18Transceiver52M: Disable energy detectorThomas Tsou1-3/+30
2013-10-18Transceiver52M: Replace resampler with SSE enabled implementationThomas Tsou1-188/+0
2013-10-18Transceiver52M: Replace convolve and related calls with SSE implementationThomas Tsou1-349/+295
2013-10-18Transceiver52M: Generate RACH correlation sequence at initializationThomas Tsou1-1/+11
2013-10-18Transceiver52M: Remove logging from signal processing coreThomas Tsou1-19/+0
2013-10-18Transceiver52M: Add destructors to correlation seqeunce objectsThomas Tsou1-76/+97
2013-10-18Transceiver52M: Make GSM pulse filter internal to implementationThomas Tsou1-68/+67
2013-10-18Transceiver52M: Rename samples-per-symbol variable namesThomas Tsou1-45/+53
2013-06-16Fix build of the Transceiver.Alexander Chemeris1-0/+2
2013-04-04Transceiver52M: Fix calculation of TS correlation for 2 sps and higherttsou1-2/+2
2011-11-26transceiver, resamp: insert missing filter valueskurtis.heimerl1-4/+29
2011-10-12Adding in the missing Transceiver52M directorydburgess1-0/+1486