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2016-10-26transceiver: Fix mismatched allocations and deallocationspierre.baudry1-1/+1
The behaviour of a mismatched pair of allocation and deallocation is undefined Also fixes a memory leak if malloc fails (which stops the application anyway) Change-Id: I9c8bbade8531e8c9c02dcd43bac38cb954b3c89f
2016-07-01iface: Add inner ring-buffer implementationTom Tsou1-0/+228
Two buffers, inner and outer, are used in the transceiver implementation. The outer buffer interfaces with the device receive interface to guarantee timestamp aligned and contiguously allocated sample buffers. The inner buffer absorbs vector size differences between GSM bursts (156 or 157 samples) and the resampler interface (typically fixed multiples of 65). Reimplement the inner buffer with a ring buffer that allows fixed size segments on the outer (resampler) portion and variable lengths (GSM side) on the inner side. Compared to the previous stack-like version, this implementation removes unnecessary copying of buffer contents. Signed-off-by: Tom Tsou <tom.tsou@ettus.com>