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2013-09-05Transceiver52M: Verify global config sanity at startThomas Tsou1-8/+73
2013-09-05Transceiver52M: Add command line device args passingThomas Tsou1-2/+11
2013-09-05Transceiver52M: Make GSM pulse filter internal to implementationThomas Tsou1-1/+5
2013-06-24Transceiver52M: Setup UmTRX dual carrier supportThomas Tsou1-91/+34
2013-06-24multi-arfcn: refactor to match upstream GSM coreThomas Tsou1-22/+47
2013-06-24multi-arfcn, trx: create transceivers based on command line argThomas Tsou1-22/+59
2013-06-24multi-arfcn, trx: attach FIFO's internally in transceiverThomas Tsou1-6/+0
2013-06-24multi-arfcn, trx: handle thread exiting on shutdownThomas Tsou1-1/+9
2013-06-24multi-arfcn, trx: add and modify transceiver main for new interfacesThomas Tsou1-0/+116