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diff --git a/Transceiver52M/sigProcLib.h b/Transceiver52M/sigProcLib.h
index 41bfdfb..4df7b3f 100644
--- a/Transceiver52M/sigProcLib.h
+++ b/Transceiver52M/sigProcLib.h
@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ signalVector *modulateBurst(const BitVector &wBurst,
float sinc(float x);
/** Delay a vector */
-bool delayVector(signalVector &wBurst, float delay);
+signalVector *delayVector(signalVector *in, signalVector *out, float delay);
/** Add two vectors in-place */
bool addVector(signalVector &x,
@@ -226,11 +226,10 @@ int analyzeTrafficBurst(signalVector &rxBurst,
Decimate a vector.
@param wVector The vector of interest.
- @param decimationFactor The amount of decimation, i.e. the decimation factor.
+ @param factor Decimation factor.
@return The decimated signal vector.
-signalVector *decimateVector(signalVector &wVector,
- int decimationFactor);
+signalVector *decimateVector(signalVector &wVector, size_t factor);
Demodulates a received burst using a soft-slicer.