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authorThomas Tsou <tom@tsou.cc>2013-11-09 21:44:26 -0500
committerThomas Tsou <tom@tsou.cc>2013-11-15 23:35:07 -0500
commita4cf48cf8bc26049e7d637c6fe0ce20698d4ece7 (patch)
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parent79403355865a09037f505fb50d90695c28906f0e (diff)
Transceiver52M: Set priority on downlink socket thread
Clock indications passed up to GSM core originate on the transciever downlink side. Set priority to keep the flow of clock updates consistent. Signed-off-by: Thomas Tsou <tom@tsou.cc>
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diff --git a/Transceiver52M/Transceiver.cpp b/Transceiver52M/Transceiver.cpp
index 6e446f3..8f6cc4f 100644
--- a/Transceiver52M/Transceiver.cpp
+++ b/Transceiver52M/Transceiver.cpp
@@ -852,6 +852,8 @@ void *TxUpperLoopAdapter(TransceiverChannel *chan)
delete chan;
+ trx->setPriority(0.40);
while (1) {
bool stale = false;
// Flush the UDP packets until a successful transfer.