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+These are patches to wireshark to add/enhance the GSM support.
+== Basic ==
+The patches apply to SVN revision r35476 and were created
+using git format-patch. They can be either applied via the
+patch command or using git am on a git clone of wireshark.
+== Rebasing with git ==
+It is the easiest to checkout the above revision, apply the
+patches and then use git rebase git-svn to get to the latest
+svn version.
+== patches ==
+0001-abis_oml.patch Add support for Abis OML
+0002-ericsson_rbs2409.patch Add support for Ericsson Abis over IP
+0003-lucent-hnb.patch Add support for Lucent HomeNodeB
+0004-rsl-ipaccess.patch Add IPaccess RSL extensions