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-oml interface design notes
-* there is no way how to tag a command sent to the BTS, with the response
- having the same tag to identify the originator of the command
-* therefore, we can have e.g. both the BSC and the OML interface send a
- SET ATTRIBUTE message, where the responses would end up at the wrong
- query.
-* The BTS has 10s to ACK/NACK a command. We do not run any timers.
-the only possible solutions i can imagine:
-* have some kind of exclusive locking, where the OML interface gets blocked
- from the BSC and is exclusively assigned to the OML console until all commands
- of the OML console have terminated. This can either be done explicitly
- dynamically or on demand
-* use the OML interface synchronously, i.e. always wait for the response from
- the BTS before
-* unilateral / unsolicited messages need to be broadcasted to both the BSC and
- the OML console