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Send a BVC-RESET to all persistent Gb interfaces at start-up
3GPP TS 48.018 Section 8.4: > After any failure affecting the NSE, the party (BSS or SGSN) where > the failure resided shall reset the signalling BVC. After sending or > receiving a BVC-RESET PDU for the signalling BVC, the BSS shall stop all > traffic and initiate the BVC-RESET procedure for all BVCs corresponding > to PTP functional entities of the underlying network service entity. The > BSS must complete the BVC-RESET procedure for signalling BVC before > starting PTP BVC-RESET procedures. TODO: We should not just trigger a single outbound BVC-RESET message, but we should re-transmit them until we get a response. This would likely entail adding FSMs to libosmogb, which we will leave for a later point - it's anticipated that the NS + BSSGP code is undergoing quite some changes in the coming months anyway, so leave it for then. Change-Id: I0b46035b40709c38bb9ab9493c11031a577e3ee0 Closes: OS#4629 Depends: libosmocore.git I353adc1aa72377f7d4b3336d2ff47791fb73d62c
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