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regen_doc.sh: support gbproxy, run without docker
Do not only update the VTY reference and counters of osmo-sgsn, but also the VTY reference of gbproxy. This was not possible with the old code path of calling "regen_doc.sh" inside docker-playground.git, as it expects the program to be updated to have the same name as the docker image. Using the docker-playground script also has the disadvantage, that one must push the development branch to git.osmocom.org before updating the VTY reference/counters, because that script would build a new docker container with a freshly cloned repository, check out the same commit that we have already locally, build that and then finally regenerate the docs. So instead of adding another parameter for the docker image to the script in docker-playground.git and calling it twice, simplify the process by rewriting the regen_doc.sh script in osmo-sgsn.git. Make it start the locally installed osmo-sgsn and osmo-gbproxy binaries and call osmo_interact_vty.py on them. Related: OS#4292 Change-Id: I8b5bd5347ea34266ad650383372630f2a84d5cce
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