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gmm: Fix assertion hit during RA UPD REQ before completting gmm attachHEADmaster
Output: 20191107021548500 DMM <0002> gprs_gb.c:40 MM_STATE_Gb(2596296189)[0x6120000084a0]{Idle}: Received Event E_MM_PDU_RECEPTION 20191107021548500 DMM <0002> gprs_gmm.c:1531 MM(/d4b6d7af) -> GMM RA UPDATE REQUEST type="RA updating" 20191107021548501 DMM <0002> gprs_gmm.c:1615 MM(/d4b6d7af) The MM context cannot be used, RA: 901-70-2758-208 Assert failed mmctx->gb.llme == NULL gprs_gmm.c:1620 Scenario reproducing the crash can be triggered with TTCN3 SGSN_Tests.TC_attach_req_id_req_ra_update. Basically, SGSN first receives an ATTACH REQ with a given RA ID, then SGSN switches to state CommonProcedureInitiated and sends GMM ID REQ, and MS/PCU answers immediatelly with a RA Update instead with a new RA ID. Related: OS#3957, OS#4245 Change-Id: I64fa5cf1b427d3abb99e553e584897261a827ce6
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