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2018-03-11implement support for 3-digit MNC with leading zerosNeels Hofmeyr9-6/+15
2018-02-21Simplify TS alloc: move slot check into functionsMax2-0/+523
2018-02-21Simplify TS alloc: move slot assignmentMax1-1/+1
2018-02-19Simplify TS alloc: split off RX mask computationMax1-3/+3
2018-02-19Update header includesMax2-0/+3
2018-02-13emu: use libosmocore definitionsMax1-29/+1
2018-02-08TBF: move common test code into functionsMax1-109/+67
2018-02-03TBF: add helpers for assignment type handlingMax1-1/+32
2018-01-31TS alloc: print suggested TRX on allocation errorsMax1-824/+824
2018-01-26Simplify TS alloc: use defines for constantsMax1-3/+3
2018-01-26Simplify TS alloc: fix allocation callsMax2-16/+22
2018-01-26Simplify TS alloc: adjust allocator signaturesMax1-5/+3
2018-01-25TBF: override send function via linker optionMax2-1/+4
2018-01-25TBF: decrease L1 logging verbosity in testMax2-290/+1
2018-01-25Add multislot classes from latest specMax4-3161/+72574
2018-01-25AllocTest: remove assumption on max MS classMax3-2732/+4072
2018-01-25AllocTest: expand test outputMax2-101/+85
2018-01-25AllocTest: adjust test_alloc_b()Max1-199/+156
2018-01-25Add tests for find_multi_slots()Max4-2/+1349
2018-01-24TBF: adjust test log levelsMax2-1186/+4796
2018-01-24TBF: make UL ack state internalMax1-3/+3
2018-01-24TBF: make UL/DL state internalMax1-5/+5
2018-01-19TBF: add dedicated log categoriesMax2-5399/+137092
2018-01-17TBF: log source of state transitionsMax1-1/+1
2018-01-17Use Timing Advance Index in UL assignmentsMax1-16/+16
2018-01-17Rewrite Packet Uplink AssignmentMax1-16/+16
2018-01-17Rewrite Packet Downlink AssignmentMax1-35/+35
2018-01-15Allocate global context for TypesTestMax1-0/+5
2018-01-12TBF: unify EGPRS window calculationMax1-34/+34
2018-01-12TBF: move window parameters to UL/DL levelMax1-10/+10
2018-01-12Avoid code duplication in TBF testMax1-122/+75
2018-01-12TBF-UL: add simpler test helperMax1-4/+2
2018-01-04window: move encoding into functionsMax1-8/+8
2018-01-04TBF-DL: mark rcvd_dl_ack() parameters as booleanMax1-6/+6
2017-12-22Add tests for pcu_lsb()Max2-0/+275
2017-12-20TBF: implement independent T31xx timersMax1-2/+2
2017-12-20Introduce LOGTBF* for consistent loggingMax1-875/+875
2017-12-05TBF: expand timer loggingMax1-315/+315
2017-12-05TBF: fix compiler warning in testMax1-6/+3
2017-12-04TBF: log timer overrideMax1-211/+211
2017-10-29tests: Don't use private version of log_info but global gprs_log_infoHarald Welte6-119/+15
2017-09-12TS alloc: properly count UL slotsMax1-0/+4
2017-09-08TBF-DL: extend index check for RLC block copyMax1-0/+215
2017-08-14Simplify polling troubleshootingMax1-82/+47
2017-06-22tests: remove unused definitionMax1-16/+0
2017-05-26Cleanup FN schedulingMax1-15/+1
2017-05-15remove pcu own bitvector implementationAlexander Couzens3-14/+16
2017-05-01tbf.cpp: use new tlli instead of old tlliAlexander Couzens1-1/+1
2017-03-27bitcomp test: use expected rc instead of 'verify' flagNeels Hofmeyr2-41/+51
2017-03-27bitcomp test: fix: also verify bits after decoded dataNeels Hofmeyr2-16/+5