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2016-02-01edge: Replace integer cs by GprsCodingSchemeJacob Erlbeck7-92/+212
2016-02-01edge: Add initial_mcs_dl and initial_mcs_ul config valuesJacob Erlbeck2-0/+2
2016-02-01edge: Add methods and operators to GprsCodingSchemeJacob Erlbeck3-30/+134
2016-02-01edge: Add max_mcs_ul and max_mcs_dl configJacob Erlbeck3-3/+52
2016-02-01tbf: Use LListHead instead of llist_podsJacob Erlbeck10-85/+91
2016-02-01tbf/vty: Move tbf_print_vty_info to pcu_vty_functions.cppJacob Erlbeck4-33/+23
2016-02-01tbf: Replace static casts by calls to as_ul_tbf/as_dl_tbfJacob Erlbeck5-23/+34
2016-02-01encoding: Remove RlcMacDownlink_t based write_packet_uplink_ackJacob Erlbeck3-127/+0
2016-02-01tbf: Use bitvec based write_packet_uplink_ackJacob Erlbeck1-0/+5
2016-02-01encoding: Add bitvec based write_packet_uplink_ackJacob Erlbeck2-0/+179
2016-02-01sched: Assert that the generated message is not emptyJacob Erlbeck1-0/+1
2016-02-01edge: Set the EGPRS window parametersJacob Erlbeck1-0/+2
2016-02-01edge: Move EGPRS setup from setup_tbf to tbf_alloc_ul_tbfJacob Erlbeck1-2/+7
2016-02-01rlc: Make WS and SNS variableJacob Erlbeck2-7/+60
2016-02-01rlc: Add constructor to window classesJacob Erlbeck2-2/+16
2016-02-01rlc/edge: Consistently use uint16_t for BSNs and SSNsJacob Erlbeck2-6/+6
2016-02-01rlc: Add and use mod_sns(bsn) methodJacob Erlbeck5-29/+39
2016-02-01edge: Support EGPRS uplink Ack/Nack messagesJacob Erlbeck1-4/+61
2016-02-01rlc: Use a pointer instead of repeated selector chainsJacob Erlbeck1-6/+9
2016-02-01edge: Move the GPRS UL Ack/Nack encoding into a separate functionJacob Erlbeck1-24/+35
2016-02-01rlc: Dump RLC data for debuggingJacob Erlbeck2-0/+5
2016-02-01pcu: Fix memory corruption bugs (ASAN)Jacob Erlbeck4-8/+25
2016-01-08edge: Remove leftover comments from encoding.cJacob Erlbeck1-8/+0
2016-01-08edge: Fix data block decoder (Coverity)Jacob Erlbeck1-1/+7
2015-12-16sched: Change next_ctrl_prio incrementJacob Erlbeck1-1/+1
2015-12-16edge: Remove unused GPRS functionsJacob Erlbeck4-329/+0
2015-12-16edge: Use a single PDCH rcv_data_block method for GPRS and EGPRSJacob Erlbeck2-16/+19
2015-12-16edge: Implement gprs_rlcmac_pdch::rcv_block_egprsJacob Erlbeck1-5/+34
2015-12-16edge: Add methods for unified GPRS/EGPRS UL data block handlingJacob Erlbeck3-2/+275
2015-12-16tbf: Refactor parts of extract_tlli into set_tlli_from_ulJacob Erlbeck2-20/+29
2015-12-16edge: Store GprsCodingScheme in gprs_rlc_dataJacob Erlbeck2-19/+13
2015-12-16edge: Add is_received and invalidate_bsn to gprs_rlc_ul_windowJacob Erlbeck2-0/+18
2015-12-16rlc: Do not raise_v_q in receive_bsnJacob Erlbeck3-4/+4
2015-12-16edge: Add unified decoder methods for GPRS/EGPRSJacob Erlbeck4-0/+492
2015-12-15edge: Add information about data blocks to GprsCodingSchemeJacob Erlbeck2-18/+32
2015-12-15rlc: Check endianness for bit field declarationsJacob Erlbeck1-0/+6
2015-12-15edge: Add header type property to GprsCodingSchemeJacob Erlbeck2-16/+38
2015-12-15edge: Rename rcv_data_block_acknowledgedJacob Erlbeck4-6/+6
2015-12-15edge: Add gprs_rlcmac_pdch::rcv_block_egprs stubJacob Erlbeck2-0/+30
2015-12-15edge: Use GprsCodingScheme to adjust the UL RLC block sizeJacob Erlbeck2-22/+27
2015-12-15edge: Add GprsCodingScheme classJacob Erlbeck3-2/+237
2015-12-15edge: Extend gprs_rlcmac_dl_tbf::handle by egprs_ms_classJacob Erlbeck3-4/+9
2015-12-15edge: Enable EGPRS if configured and egprs_ms_class presentJacob Erlbeck2-2/+11
2015-12-15edge: Support EGPRS multislot class handling in tbf_allocJacob Erlbeck5-23/+28
2015-12-15edge: Add m_egprs_enabled and related methods to TBFJacob Erlbeck2-3/+27
2015-11-30edge: Support EGPRS in packet uplink assignment messageJacob Erlbeck3-13/+39
2015-11-30edge: Add egprs config commandJacob Erlbeck2-0/+37
2015-11-30edge: Get EGPRS multislot classJacob Erlbeck6-2/+54
2015-11-30pcu: Enable dl-tbf-idle-time and idle-ack-delay by defaultJacob Erlbeck1-0/+2
2015-11-30stat: Add global stat groupJacob Erlbeck3-0/+46