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ms: Add GprsMs class to hold per-MS information
Currently only TBF objects are used to handle the data flow between the MS and the SGSN. MS specific data (e.g. pending LLC frames, TLLI) is copied between successive TBFs. If all TBFs (uplink and downlink) are idle for some time, all information about the MS is discarded in the PCU. This makes the implementation of some features more difficult, e.g. proper TLLI and timing advance handling, connection based CS selection, and proper management of multiple TBF. This commit adds the GprsMs class that is intended to hold information directly related to the MS and to keep references to the active TBFs. The class is not yet integrated with the other PCU code. A GprsMs object container and MS specific fields (TA, CS) will be added in later commits. Note that calling detach_tbf() can possibly delete the MS object depending on the callback implementation. Ticket: #1674 Sponsored-by: On-Waves ehf
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@@ -29,3 +29,10 @@ cat $abs_srcdir/types/TypesTest.ok > expout
cat $abs_srcdir/types/TypesTest.err > experr
AT_CHECK([$OSMO_QEMU $abs_top_builddir/tests/types/TypesTest], [0], [expout], [experr])
+cat $abs_srcdir/ms/MsTest.ok > expout
+cat $abs_srcdir/ms/MsTest.err > experr
+AT_CHECK([$OSMO_QEMU $abs_top_builddir/tests/ms/MsTest], [0], [expout], [experr])