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README: Clarify that fixed allocations have been revmoved from 3GPP specs
In Release 5, Fixed Allocations were removed as part of a "GPRS simplification project" inside 3PGPP. This means that any MS compatible with Rel-5 or higher may not support it, which makes implementation in the PCU af historical interest only. See Tdoc GP-021277 for the actual removal, it happened at 5.0.0 time. Change-Id: I8138bc0a47d3468b67cec866447fd4b0fc69d4c5
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@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ Current limitations
* No PFC support
- * No fixed allocation support
+ * No fixed allocation support (was removed from 3GPP Rel >= 5 anyway)
* No extended dynamic allocation support
* No unacknowledged mode operation
* Only single slot assignment on uplink direction