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gb/NS: Clarify the language regarding the UDP port numbers / socket
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@@ -219,8 +219,9 @@ This IE represents NSEI identity described in <<ident>> and 3GPP TS 08.16 ยง
=== Gb NS Initialization / PCU bring-up
-OsmoPCU create NS listening socket using UDP port given by OsmoBTS via
-PCU socket. OsmoBTS in turn receive it from BSC. After that OsmoPCU
-tried to connect to remote NS ip:port over UDP using parameters
-received from BTS. Following successful connection the reset
+OsmoPCU binds and connects an UDP socket for NS using port numbers and IP
+information given by OsmoBTS via the PCU socket. OsmoBTS in turn
+receives this information from the BSC vi A-bis OML.
+Following successful initialization of the UDP socket, the reset
procedure is initiated as described in <<ns_reset>>.
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@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ Use of other underlying protocols (e. g. Frame Relay) is not supported.
|TCP Port Number|Usage
-|23000|NS over UDP
+|23000|NS over UDP (default port)
The NS-over-UDP link is established in the PCU -> SGSN direction, i.e.