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TODO: remove those that have obviously been implemented 5+ years ago
The TODO file hasn't seen any updates sicne 2014, while the code has evolved. I'm not sure about some of the topics, but at least several can for sure be removed by now Change-Id: I56581c9b2a08edb1b6d4dc53ad9eb6fdd1800a0d
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-* Make the TBF ul/dl list per BTS
-* Make the SBA per BTS
-* Make the tbf point to the BTS so we can kill plenty of parameters
-* Group more into in classes.. remove bts pointers.
* Change functions with 100 parameters to get a struct as param
* Move move into the TBF class
-* Replace trx/ts with pointers. E.g. a PDCH should know the trx
- it is on... then we can omit trx, ts and parameters and just pass
- the pdch.
-* On global free/reset... also flush the timing advance..
* tbf/llc window code appears to be duplicated and nested in other
methods. This needs to be cleaned.