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client: Set snaplen to MAXIMUM_SNAPLEN
Despite this value not being exported publicly, the truth is that tcpdump and wireshark nowadays avoid processing any file with snaplen bigger than this value: "tcpdump: pcap_loop: invalid packet capture length 861244, bigger than snaplen of 262144" It also fails to set snaplen to values bigger than that: "tcpdump -s 262145" --> "tcpdump: invalid snaplen 262145" pcapfix also warns about wrong packet length if bigger than same value (defined as PCAP_MAX_SNAPLEN there). MAXIMUM_SPANPLEN is defined in tcpdump's netdissect.h and libpcap's pcap-int.h. It is also defined as WTAP_MAX_PACKET_SIZE in wireshark/wiretap/wtap.h (this one being the only publicly available). Change-Id: Ib7449d5aba9da342c150704ebd0e1f09e7f7276c
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