AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
116 min.manuals: Update counter/vty documentationHEADmasterDaniel Willmann2-28/+199
116 min.manuals: Add script to update vty/counter documentation from dockerDaniel Willmann2-0/+18
23 hourslibmsc/gsm_09_11.c: do not suppress rc of gsup_client_mux_tx()Vadim Yanitskiy1-1/+1
24 hourslibmsc/gsm_09_11.c: do not abuse LOG_TRANS() in gsm0911_rcv_nc_ss()Vadim Yanitskiy1-3/+4
24 hourslibmsc/gsm_09_11.c: fix broken reference counting for vsubVadim Yanitskiy2-23/+36
24 hourslibmsc/gsm_09_11.c: avoid double zero-initialization of gsup_msgVadim Yanitskiy1-1/+1
25 hourslibmsc/gsm_09_11.c: properly handle OSMO_GSUP_MSGT_PROC_SS_ERRORVadim Yanitskiy1-3/+25
25 hourslibmsc/gsm_09_11.c: inform HLR/EUSE if Paging has failedVadim Yanitskiy1-1/+17
25 hourslibmsc/msc_net_init.c: pass pointer to gsm_network directlyVadim Yanitskiy3-31/+12
25 hourslibmsc/gsm_09_11.c: drop meaningless check for concurrent pagingVadim Yanitskiy1-15/+1
25 hourslibmsc/gsm_09_11.c: drop rudimentary vsub->cgi.lai.lac checkVadim Yanitskiy1-7/+0
25 hourslibmsc/gsm_09_11.c: log network-originated session establishment errorVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+3
25 hourslibmsc/gsm_09_11.c: do not abuse LOG_TRANS() and early trans allocationVadim Yanitskiy2-31/+21
26 hourslibvlr: fix sgsn tmsi creation, replace constant with defineEric Wild1-3/+3
3 dayslibmsc/paging.c: cosmetic: remove leading space in log lineVadim Yanitskiy1-1/+1
3 dayslibmsc/paging.c: cosmetic: actually use default branch of switchVadim Yanitskiy1-4/+2
3 dayslibmsc/paging.c: avoid double zero-initializationVadim Yanitskiy1-1/+1
3 dayslibmsc/msc_a.c: fix: remove dummy allstate_action of msc_a_fsmVadim Yanitskiy1-13/+0
3 dayslibmsc/gsm_04_08.c: clean up unused leftover includesVadim Yanitskiy1-13/+0
3 dayslibmsc/gsm_09_11.c: send GSUP PROS_SS ERROR message when neededVadim Yanitskiy1-3/+4
3 dayslibmsc/gsm_09_11.c: fix: return trans from establish_nc_ss_trans()Vadim Yanitskiy2-2/+2
3 daysgsup_client_mux_tx_error_reply(): fix: do not omit SM-RP-MR IEVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+3
3 daysgsup_client_mux_tx_error_reply(): fix: do not omit message class IEVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+1
3 daysgsup_client_mux_tx_error_reply(): fix: do not omit session IEsVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+6
4 daysgsup_client_mux_tx_error_reply(): fix: do not override IMSIVadim Yanitskiy1-2/+2
4 dayslibmsc/gsm_0(4|9)_11_gsup.c: print error message if subscr is not knownVadim Yanitskiy2-0/+4
4 dayslibmsc/mncc_builtin.c: drop dummy switch in int_mncc_recv()Vadim Yanitskiy1-4/+0
12 dayslibmsc/db.c: get rid of hard-coded SMS expiry thresholdVadim Yanitskiy2-19/+12
12 dayslibmsc/db.c: warn user about SMS text truncationVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+10
12 dayslibmsc/db.c: introduce and use parse_sm_ud_from_result()Vadim Yanitskiy1-49/+37
12 dayslibmsc/db.c: fix potential integer overflowVadim Yanitskiy1-9/+27
13 daysdb_sms_test: Remove libdbi expected driver load errorsPau Espin Pedrol3-76/+77
13 daysdebian/control: add missing libdbd-sqlite3 to Build-DependsVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+1
2019-06-04db_sms_test: Do not print exact memcmp resultPau Espin Pedrol2-13/+11
2019-06-03db: Fix call to mempcy with NULL src ptrPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+2
2019-06-03libmsc/db.c: fix storing SMS with empty TP-User-DataVadim Yanitskiy3-6/+14
2019-06-03Introduce initial unit test for db_sms_* APIVadim Yanitskiy8-1/+714
2019-06-03tests: share stubs.h from msc_vlr_test as stubs.cVadim Yanitskiy14-13/+17
2019-06-03libmsc/msc_vty.c: do not abuse strlen() to check char buffersVadim Yanitskiy1-4/+3
2019-06-03libmsc/msc_vty.c: refactor 'show subscr / conn / trans' commandsVadim Yanitskiy1-162/+283
2019-05-29debian: create -doc subpackage with pdf manualsOliver Smith4-2/+18
2019-05-29Use GSM23003_MSISDN_MAX_DIGITS from libosmogsmVadim Yanitskiy4-6/+5
2019-05-27sgs_iface: detect and react to VLR/HLR failurePhilipp Maier4-20/+50
2019-05-26transaction: accept trans_type enum in trans_log_subsys()Vadim Yanitskiy2-7/+6
2019-05-21Request Osmux CID and forward it in Assign Req and Assign Complpespin/osmuxPau Espin Pedrol7-8/+111
2019-05-19libmsc/gsm_04_11.c: properly handle MMTS indicationVadim Yanitskiy5-3/+47
2019-05-19a_iface: Announce Osmux support on RESET (ACK) sendPau Espin Pedrol1-2/+24
2019-05-19bssap: Detect BSC Osmux support on RESET (ACK) recvPau Espin Pedrol2-6/+45
2019-05-19vty: Add option to enable osmux towards BSCsPau Espin Pedrol5-0/+40
2019-05-19build osmo-msc: add "missing" LIBASN1C_LIBSNeels Hofmeyr1-6/+2