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move project specific manuals to their own repososmith/move-manuals-to-project-repos
Build manuals when ./configure --enable-manuals is specified. Requires osmo-gsm-manuals to be installed. Related: OS#3385 Depends: I96933dd4dd6cac159847647f1c642215051a9aad (osmo-gsm-manuals) Change-Id: I2f9c27f81940b02414f0e618483bffade72e8cf7
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+<vtydoc xmlns='urn:osmocom:xml:libosmocore:vty:doc:1.0'>
+ <node id='config-mncc-int'>
+ <name>MNCC Internal Configuration</name>
+ <description>This node allows to configure the default codecs for
+ the internal call control handling.</description>
+ </node>
+ <node id='config-smpp'>
+ <name>SMPP Configuration</name>
+ <description>This node allows to configure the SMPP interface
+ for interfacing with external SMS applications. This section
+ contains generic/common SMPP related configuration, and no
+ per-ESME specific parameters.</description>
+ </node>
+ <node id='config-smpp-esme'>
+ <name>ESME Configuration</name>
+ <description>This node allows to configure one particular SMPP
+ ESME, which is an External SMS Entity such as a SMS based
+ application server. You can define any number of ESME within
+ the SMPP node of the OsmoNITB VTY.</description>
+ </node>