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Document workaround for gsmtap logging
Document a way to minimize logging to stderr when gsmtap is used as a log target. Change-Id: I8e64a0075b5a4bad3f83660e0668e6de45b21008
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@@ -174,7 +174,14 @@ alongside the air frames. You can also use Wireshark to quickly filter logs for
.Wireshark with logs delivered over GSMTAP
-Note: the logs are also duplicated to stderr when GSMTAP logging is configured.
+Note: the logs are also duplicated to stderr when GSMTAP logging is configured because stderr is the default log target which is
+initialized automatically. To descrease stderr logging to absolute minimum, you can configure it as follows:
+OsmoBSC> enable
+OsmoBSC# configure terminal
+OsmoBSC(config)# log stderr
+OsmoBSC(config-log)# logging level all fatal
==== Logging to a file