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GSUP: message category indicated by last two bits
Make this part of the specification, so we can simplify libosmocore code by knowing that error message is (request message | 0x000001). Related: I46d9f2327791978710e2f90b4d28a3761d723d8f (libosmocore) Change-Id: Iec1b4ce4b7d8eb157406f006e1c4241e8fba2cd6
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@@ -766,6 +766,19 @@ Direction: EIR (via HLR) => VLR
|0x32|CHECK-IMEI Result
+The category of the message is indicated by the last two bits of the type.
+Request, Error and Result messages only differ in these last two bits, so it is
+trivial to transform them.
+|Ending Bits|Message Category
==== IP Address