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ippool: Implement and use blacklist instead of blindly using IPPOOL_NOGATEWAY
Commit dda21ed7d4a897c9284c69175d0da598598eae40 modified previous calls to ippool_new() removing the pass of flags to avoid allocating certain problematic IPs from the pool to MS, such as the network, gateway and broadcast IPs. Today I did some unsucessful tests with osmo-ggsn with a pool "ip prefix dynamic", and thus IP was being assigned to the MS. De-capsulated DNS packets were received in the tun interface, but the Linux system in there was unable to correctly forward the packets to the gateway interface connected to the Internet. However, adding a second MS which got had its packets forwarded correctly. However, previous implementation relies on flag IPPOOL_NOGATEWAY flag to blindly blacklist first IP after the network ip (ie, .0 and .1 are removed), which limits the IP reserved for the tun device to be .1. If a different IP in the range is assigned, it may cause issues. As a result, a blacklist is introduced in this commit to dynamically fetch the tun IP address and exlucde it from the pool of available IPs. Change-Id: I8e91f7280d60490c858a769dd578c1c8e54e9243
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No more IP addresses available
No more IP addresses available
No more IP addresses available
+No more IP addresses available
+No more IP addresses available