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+OpenGGSN/FreeBSD notes
+FreeBSD support is experimental, please test and report bugs. The FreeBSD port is
+tested on FreeBSD 4.x, but may also work on 5.x series.
+1. Compiling
+You will need GNU make installed, standard BSD make will not work.
+Everything should be straight-forward, run ./configure then gmake.
+2. Kernel tuning
+Your kernel needs to include tun driver (GENERIC kernel does), make sure your
+kernel config file contains the line
+pseudo-device tun
+or load the tun kernel module manually by issuing "kldload if_tun" as root.
+OpenGGSN doesn't try to load the module itself right now.
+Also make sure your kernel has IP Forwarding enabled (it is not by default).
+Add the line
+to your /etc/rc.conf or manually issue "sysctl net.inet.ip.forwarding=1"
+3. Known problems
+After ggsn is started, you have to manually add the route for your address pool:
+route add -netmask -iface tun0
+Pavel Andreev <pavel.andreev@hp.com>