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2018-09-21osmo-depcheck: don't use /tmp, better git codeosmith/dependency-checkOliver Smith4-66/+94
* replace --gitdir with --workdir and give it a new folder structure: * git/$repo: downloaded source code * build/$repo: files created during the build process * install/: installation prefix * adjust the jenkins job to use --workdir * fetch --tags when source exists already * readable error message for failed git checkout Change-Id: I06589277b9d54a2af177451cfab2ca1a658b4058 Relates: OS#2642
2018-09-20osmo-depcheck: script to verify PKG_CHECK_MODULESOliver Smith5-0/+518
This script verifies that Osomcom programs really build with the dependency versions they claim to support in In order to do that, it clones the dependency repositories if they don't exist already, and checks out the minimum version tag. This happens recursively for their dependencies as well. See ' -h' for the full usage instructions. There's also a new jenkins job in jobs/osmocom-depcheck.yml. Change-Id: I8f495dbe030775f66ac125e60ded95c5d7660b65 Relates: OS#2642