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2017-09-04Change used protocoll for 'git ls-remote' call from https to git.André Boddenberg1-1/+1
Otherwise script depends on availability of, which is currently down. Change-Id: Icf2a6b425177ef24aef1dba6e270d36fdc05d214
2017-07-28Introduce artifacts holding dependencies to speed up builds.blobb1-0/+230
Basically, holds logic to check whether the necessary artifact is available. If so it fetches artifact, unpacks it and triggers the actual build. In case the necessary artifact is not available simply builds all dependencies from source by using and archives deps to the ARTIFACT_STORE afterwards. The necessary functions to determine the artifact name from remote and local repositories as well as the handling of artifact files live in, which is sourced by will be sourced by the contrib/ build script inside each git repository. This automatically triggers the build, so one need to source at the end of each script. See [1] for more details. Artifacts will be stored as follows: $ARTIFACT_STORE/$JOB_NAME/<dep_1>.<branch_1>.<rev_1>_... ..._<dep_n>.<tag_n>.tar.gz Furthermore, ARTIFACT_STORE environment variable has to be set on all jenkins slaves. The JOB_NAME variables is injected to each jenkins job by jenkins. [1] Change-Id: Ifee0a2f837d23b19aa5326f810234d5452e47484