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This script should be executed regularly on all build slaves that have docker in order to discard unused images/layers. It would be a good idea to call "fstrim /" afterwards in order to get more SSD performance. However, the latter requires root access, and hence cannot be called by the 'osmocom-build' user and thus jenkins. Maybe we should install it as a cron job or systemd periodic timer job? Related: OS#3144 Change-Id: I688b952578507a9cc28fe682221b5c7e3a245519
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+# delete all but the latest images
+IMAGES=`docker image ls | grep \^osmocom-build | grep -v latest | awk -F ' ' '{print $1":"$2}'`
+for f in $IMAGES; do
+ docker image rm $f
+docker image prune -f