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parenta73b13b80ff4f2f09560b04267b38bc4693b8212 (diff) cosmetic: no need to clean -e deps
git clean always excludes git clone subdirs; furthermore, even if I supply a dir as -e, the contents of that dir still get cleaned out. So it is useless to pass -e on the commandline. Drop it. Change-Id: I2b59cc9c9adf88a2663469b22cfeffbd66b5bf2e
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@@ -25,7 +25,8 @@ chmod -R +w .
git checkout -f HEAD
# wipe all unversioned leftovers, except deps gits.
-git clean -dxf -e "$deps" -e "layer1-headers"
+# Git automatically excludes subdirs that are git clones.
+git clean -dxf
# leave the deps checkouts around, to not clone entire git history every time,
# but clean each git of build artifacts.