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osmocom-debian-install.yml: update description
Replace "Generated by job-builder" with a proper description. The job builder automatically adds "<!-- Managed by Jenkins Job Builder -->" to the description (which is visible when editing the job), so we don't need to mention it in the description at all. Related: OS#3369 Change-Id: I17d2e9e0ac7fe77fb0306724a1f1e15641d76854
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diff --git a/jobs/osmocom-debian-install.yml b/jobs/osmocom-debian-install.yml
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--- a/jobs/osmocom-debian-install.yml
+++ b/jobs/osmocom-debian-install.yml
@@ -12,7 +12,11 @@
project-type: freestyle
defaults: global
- description: 'Generated by job-builder'
+ description: |
+ <ul>
+ <li> Install all Osmocom debian packages (<a href="">OS#3176</a>)
+ <li> Check if Osmocom systemd services start properly (<a href="">OS#3369</a>)
+ </ul>
node: osmocom-master-debian9
- shell: