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jobs/master-builds.yml: Set node for master axis job
Otherwise the master job managing the axis can be run on any node, something which is not desirable. For instance, right now job master-osmo-ggsn is run on osmo-gsm-tester-rnd which is currently unable to fetch some git repositories. Let's avoid running master tests on unintended nodes. Change-Id: I62abb3c490588adc4c0e13c761de44d442f8cefe
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diff --git a/jobs/master-builds.yml b/jobs/master-builds.yml
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--- a/jobs/master-builds.yml
+++ b/jobs/master-builds.yml
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
# following default values can be overridden by each repo
disabled: false
concurrent: false
- node: ''
+ node: 'osmocom-master-debian8'
# axes related defaults
slave_axis: !!python/tuple [osmocom-master-debian9]
a1_name: a1