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jobs/osmocom-obs.yml: set default git branch
I was quite surprised, that the job used "osmith/pdfs-in-doc-subpackage" instead of "master" today [1]. Fix this randomness by adding a branch parameter that defaults to "master". Interestingly, we have to set the default branch to "refs/remotes/origin/master". When using "*/master" (like we do in other jobs), Jenkins would still chose my branch over "origin/master", even though mine does not have "master" in the name. I have also tried "chosing-strategy: 'default'", in case it was using the gerrit strategy for some reason (like in [2]), and setting 'refspec:', but both did not have any effect. [1] [2] Change-Id: I6d1f0e70d5c82ffd551d00ffdf2712cbfaec16cf
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diff --git a/jobs/osmocom-obs.yml b/jobs/osmocom-obs.yml
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(Generated by job-builder)
node: obs
+ parameters:
+ - string:
+ name: BRANCH
+ description: osmo-ci.git branch
+ default: 'refs/remotes/origin/master'
- shell:
- git:
+ branches:
+ - '$BRANCH'
url: git://
git-config-name: 'Jenkins Builder'
git-config-email: ''