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Give OBS more time to build the repository, before verifying that we can install all packages from the repository. Apparently, OBS publishes the repository in WIP state, before all packages for a distribution have been built. This leads to problems in the "nightly" and "next" repositories. In contrary to "latest", we do not bump soname versions when doing ABI changes, so we require the user to have all installed Osmocom packages built from the same timestamp. With recent changes in the OBS scripts, we enforce this by having all packages built from the same timestamp depend on the exact version of a dummy package with that timestamp as version. The repo-install-test installs all packages from the binary repository, and so it fails, as it should, if the repository is in an inconsistent state with some packages built today and some packages built yesterday. Related: OS#4733 Change-Id: I8df9b449d6213b5dca6fd9bf5c06b5c96d468f66
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