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authorOliver Smith <>2019-10-11 08:43:51 +0200
committerlaforge <>2019-10-17 08:05:16 +0000
commit88b26a372d43f8c37258b76a3091e8d68ce576ff (patch)
parent4743f82b4cecc27a88330b3fa7b4a866af64d8d3 (diff)
docker: chown -R build:build /usr/local
Prepare to run osmo-python-tests in docker. I've noticed that its contrib/ tries to write to /usr/local, which makes sense for the "update-osmo-python-on-slaves" job to actually deploy new versions. However, the same script gets called in gerrit-verifications too, and there we should definitively not install a version that is still in review to whichever random buildslave that is executing the gerrit-verification job! The follow-up patch for building most Osmocom projects in docker will fix this bug. Related: OS#3726 Change-Id: Ie1de8a6d436de0b286ed3372166eceb408bab084
1 files changed, 3 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/docker/Dockerfile_osmocom_jenkins.amd64 b/docker/Dockerfile_osmocom_jenkins.amd64
index 58e1ee9..6b43911 100644
--- a/docker/Dockerfile_osmocom_jenkins.amd64
+++ b/docker/Dockerfile_osmocom_jenkins.amd64
@@ -84,3 +84,6 @@ RUN cd /tmp/ulfius && \
DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install -y /tmp/ulfius/*.deb && \
cd ~ && \
rm -r /tmp/ulfius
+# osmo-python-tests' contrib/ writes to /usr/local as user
+RUN chown -R build:build /usr/local