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sysmo: add L3 handle to l1prim messages
Place a layer 3 handle into GSM L1 messages to better match up confirmations to respective requests. This handle is a uint32_t transparently returned in the confirmation messages, so a match-up is easy to add. So far, a GSM L1 confirmation message received for a preceding L1 Request was matched only by the prim_id. That meant that only one instance of the same primitive could be waiting for a confirmation at any given time, or the responses would get mixed up: the struct wait_l1_conf instances entered into the fl1h->wlc_list queue would be returned to a possibly mismatching confirmation handler. (Seen during testing of dyn pdch switching.) Send the hLayer3 handle out via prim_init(), using new static functions to produce handles on different scopes: * l1p_handle_for_trx() * l1p_handle_for_ts() * l1p_handle_for_lchan() (These could possibly move to a more general .h/.c file later.) Remember the hLayer3 handle in * struct wait_l1_conf. Match the incoming confirmations' and stored hLayer3 handles up in, and remove a now obsolete comment from: * is_prim_compat() Since the hLayer3 members are at different byte offsets in GsmL1_Prim_t.u.*, use large switch statements to set/get the value: * In prim_init(), extend existing switch statement to set in GsmL1_Prim_t. * Add l1p_get_hLayer3() to retrieve from GsmL1_Prim_t (could possibly move to a more general .h/.c file later). Change-Id: Ie4533c6cbc160318917e7a672ab6f9a848f01d1b
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