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add information on unit (milli-dB) to control interface doc
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diff --git a/doc/control_interface.txt b/doc/control_interface.txt
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--- a/doc/control_interface.txt
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@@ -9,14 +9,18 @@ thermal management. In some cases the PA might be passing a critical level,
so an external control process can use this attribute to reduce the system
output power.
+Please note that all values in the context of transmit power calculation
+are integers in milli-dB (1/10000 bel), so the below example is setting
+the attenuation at 3 dB:
-bsc_control.py -d localhost -p 4238 -s trx.0.thermal-attenuation 3
-Got message: SET_REPLY 1 trx.0.thermal-attenuation 3
+bsc_control.py -d localhost -p 4238 -s trx.0.thermal-attenuation 3000
+Got message: SET_REPLY 1 trx.0.thermal-attenuation 3000
bsc_control.py -d localhost -p 4238 -g trx.0.thermal-attenuation
-Got message: GET_REPLY 1 trx.0.thermal-attenuation 3
+Got message: GET_REPLY 1 trx.0.thermal-attenuation 3000