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OsmoBTS: Update osmotrx ip to diff between local and remote
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===== `osmotrx ip HOST`
-Set the IP address of the OsmoTRX transceiver to which we should connect
+Set the IP address for the OsmoTRX interface for both the local (OsmoBTS) and
+remote (OsmoTRX) side of the UDP flows. This option has been deprecated by the
+more detailed option `osmotrx ip (local|remote) A.B.C.D`.
+===== `osmotrx ip (local|remote) A.B.C.D`
+Set the IP address for the OsmoTRX interface for either the local (OsmoBTS) or
+remote (OsmoTRX) side of the UDP flows.
===== `osmotrx base-port (local|remote) <0-65535>`