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authorStefan Sperling <ssperling@sysmocom.de>2018-04-19 15:42:19 +0200
committerStefan Sperling <ssperling@sysmocom.de>2018-04-19 15:46:30 +0200
commit12ee1e12b3a1b32ec419c696c912bab5d5c75022 (patch)
parent71fa788bc8850ec40963d5baf84cefd86d122777 (diff)
respond with NACK for non-hopping BTS with multiple ARFCN
In addition to logging an error, send a NACK if the BSC attempts to set more than one ARFCN in Radio Carrier Attributes for a BTS which does not support frequency hopping. Change-Id: Ia72e23a3f08f825cf9cf0d9a55302d13cfed51d6 Related: OS#2295
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/src/common/oml.c b/src/common/oml.c
index 088b3a02..5c9885e4 100644
--- a/src/common/oml.c
+++ b/src/common/oml.c
@@ -807,8 +807,7 @@ static int oml_rx_set_radio_attr(struct gsm_bts_trx *trx, struct msgb *msg)
if (length != 2) {
LOGP(DOML, LOGL_ERROR, "Expecting only one ARFCN, "
"because hopping not supported\n");
- /* FIXME: send NACK */
- return -ENOTSUP;
+ return oml_fom_ack_nack(msg, NM_NACK_MSGINCONSIST_PHYSCFG);
memcpy(&_value, value, 2);
arfcn = ntohs(_value);