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2017-10-28Tag/Release Version Welte1-1/+62
Change-Id: I61661b7f392a5485172d2f7087b4eb8b82607f43
2017-10-28Debian: osmo-bsc-dbg should cover only the osmo-bsc packageHarald Welte1-1/+1
Change-Id: I3d2e7ce589e78bb4da6de3567462a6be4194174e
2017-10-28Debian: Split off osmo-bsc-{bs11,ipaccess}-utils sub-packagesHarald Welte3-0/+5
The names and descriptions have been imported/inherited from openbsc.git Change-Id: Ia32e3645807ecf148f22cba3cab92f728074b20e
2017-10-28Don't link osmo-bsc_nat against libosmoabisHarald Welte1-2/+0
This fixes the following dpkg-shlibdeps warning: Change-Id: Iea00c209652e8070a59942504bef660db0999e86 dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: package could avoid a useless dependency if debian/osmo-bsc-nat/usr/bin/osmo-bsc_nat was not linked against libosmoabis.so.6 (it uses none of the library's symbols)
2017-10-28Debian: Package osmo-bsc systemd serviceHarald Welte1-0/+1
Change-Id: I29cb5f2132047e05448f1a4f261ef5976936be29
2017-10-28Debian: Don't package osmo-bsc_natHarald Welte2-1/+18
We don't want to pacakge osmo-bsc_nat from osmo-bsc.git at this point yet. It only suports SCCPlite, which is not yet fully supported by osmo-bsc. Rather, we continue to package osmo-bsc_nat from openbsc.git like we did so far. Also, the osmo-bsc_nat binary really doesn't belong into the osmo-bsc package at all. Change-Id: Icf0bf80d61141ec060b6d2efcf3e65e2ef1ac2d6
2017-10-28osmo-bsc_nat: Don't link against libosmonetifHarald Welte1-2/+0
This fixes the following dpkg-shlibdeps warning: Change-Id: I31af5fb8b52ef1fd5effb139d9cdea1ebe9a41b4 dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: package could avoid a useless dependency if debian/osmo-bsc/usr/bin/osmo-bsc_nat was not linked against libosmonetif.so.4 (it uses none of the library's symbols)
2017-10-28connfigure.ac: Depend on latest versions of libosmo-*Harald Welte1-7/+7
We are using quite a number of symbols that are definitely *not* yet present in the respective library versions that we stated as dependency. Rather than figuring this out individually, simply require the latest releases. Change-Id: Iecda06d206c24390bb10f3a8f8a70ef3036381e2
2017-10-28Debian: Remove obsolete build dependenciesHarald Welte1-6/+1
Those dependencies were introduced at a different time, when GPRS related code was still in this repository Change-Id: I469909ad7c597cde3d7a7d2ec86101a9f41d3aa6
2017-10-26log: output hexdump of transmitted sccp messagesPhilipp Maier1-2/+2
We output a hexdump for each sccp message we receive, but not when sending. Also log the hexdump of sccp messages when sending. Change-Id: Ibfe52a0b7dbca4c569c603a008d73d0d99d1c345
2017-10-26log: log the sccp message type of messages sentPhilipp Maier1-0/+16
We already log the message type of sccp messages we receive, but for transmitting the log output is missing. Also log the message type for tramsitted sccp messages. Change-Id: I6736f15ddc03e5f70c3504abffbae6cbf766c9d7
2017-10-24Rename osmo_fsm to avoid illegal space in name + more meaningful nameHarald Welte2-4/+4
A FSM doesn't need "FSM" in its name, as it is obvious that it is a FSM. Also, having two that are called RESET is confusing, so let's try to come up with better names. Also, after Change-Id I9ef59432f43a3cdb94e4cbb0c44ac3f9b2aac0f2 in libosmocore, we now enforce that no FSM identifiers contain spaces or other illegal characters. Change-Id: I1b44d26cebc4a47094d7b8b3983e5737b88bf003
2017-10-24osmo-bsc: Initialize logging before initializing rate_ctrHarald Welte1-3/+3
The library code for rate counter initialization, which is called from the descendants of bsc_network_alloc() might already want to log something (particularly after Change-Id Ifc6ac824f5dae9a848bb4a5d067c64a69eb40b56 in libosmocore), so the logging framework must be initialized before. Change-Id: I1e893c97e023e63489fe8c46539b5e507d3cec8f
2017-10-24nanobts_omlattra_test: Initialize logging before executing testsHarald Welte1-0/+3
... the library code we call could want to log something, after all. Change-Id: Ic01e9bfb63d7b6def9432103e744c23c90f0f6b9
2017-10-24Fix nanobts_omlattr unit testHarald Welte1-0/+1
The test clearly fails unless bts->network is set correctly. Not sure why this hasn't shown up before? Change-Id: I47786ed06ff610213d7a0b56d0ebf1c537cd7568
2017-10-23bsc_vty: Improve description of mid-call-text cmdPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+2
Change-Id: I367b7734390daf39160de6462e9b2210368666f4
2017-10-23libbsc: Use correct printf formatting for uint64_tPau Espin Pedrol1-4/+4
unsigned long can be 32 bits on some arch/OS, while "current" field is always 64 bit because it's a uint64_t. Change-Id: Ibad1e4f09cf912cb654dbe3687a3f2182e2060f5
2017-10-17bsc_api: Fix NULL secondary_lchan access in handle_ass_failPau Espin Pedrol1-2/+4
Related: OW#3893 Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0 gsm_lchan_name (lchan=lchan@entry=0x0) at gsm_data_shared.c:342 (gdb) bt 0 gsm_lchan_name (lchan=lchan@entry=0x0) at gsm_data_shared.c:342 1 0x0805ab80 in lchan_release (lchan=0x0, sacch_deact=sacch_deact@entry=0, mode=mode@entry=RSL_REL_LOCAL_END) at chan_alloc.c:410 2 0x0805c1dd in handle_ass_fail (msg=0x94142b8, conn=0x9251048) at bsc_api.c:459 3 dispatch_dtap (msg=0x94142b8, link_id=0 '\000', conn=0x9251048) at bsc_api.c:598 4 gsm0408_rcvmsg (msg=msg@entry=0x94142b8, link_id=0 '\000') at bsc_api.c:658 5 0x08058ca2 in abis_rsl_rx_rll (msg=0x94142b8) at abis_rsl.c:1686 6 abis_rsl_rcvmsg (msg=0x94142b8) at abis_rsl.c:2097 7 0xb7e8cf9a in handle_ts1_read (bfd=0x94e8e08) at input/ipaccess.c:271 8 ipaccess_fd_cb (bfd=0x94e8e08, what=1) at input/ipaccess.c:386 9 0xb7ee8434 in osmo_select_main (polling=polling@entry=0) at select.c:158 10 0x0804bd7c in main (argc=6, argv=0xbfc27144) at osmo_bsc_main.c:272 (gdb) print lchan $2 = (const struct gsm_lchan *) 0x0 Possible scenario in which this crash can appear: 1- gsm0808_assign_req() calls handle_new_assignment() which sends an CHAN ACTIVATE msg and arms T10 timer. 2- ACTIVATE ACK is received (handle_chan_ack), which calls gsm48_send_rr_ass_cmd() which sends an ASSIGNMENT CMD, and doesn't disable/modify T10 timer. 3- T10 timeout is triggered (assignment_t10_timeout()), which sets conn->secondary_lchan = NULL 4- Immediately after, the ASSIGNMENT FAILURE message (which might have been already queued) is processed in handle_ass_fail, and then the crash occurs. This race condition is not an issue for handle_ass_compl() path because there's this check there which would trigger most probably if secondary_lchan is NULL: "if (conn->secondary_lchan != msg->lchan)" Change-Id: I3798b36c628f75d4e8bc7b0996c27d695d53fbb1
2017-10-11debian/rules: show testsuite.log when tests are failingAlexander Couzens1-0/+4
Change-Id: I373b26c9d5eb32b1155e6405c6305ac870061887
2017-10-11SI1q: fix EARFCN appenderMax2-12/+33
Previously if we ran out of space while adding EARFCN, we simply return which might result in malformed SI2q. Fix it by proper rollback of entire EARFCN. While at it, let's be paranoid and introduce extra checks against integer overflow in budget calculations. Change-Id: I4b2aa3825e9affb6dfeadecdf24dd1a43a92b7b7 Related: OS#2357
2017-10-11ctrl: add oml-uptime commandMax4-13/+43
Expose OML link uptime available via vts's "sh bts 0" command with the new "bts.0.oml-uptime" ctrl command. To avoid code duplication, move uptime computation into separate function and use it for both. Change-Id: Iec405aa949d6a38a9c8e64cd7ee4b49fd416835d Related: OS#2486
2017-10-10Remove pkg-config fileMax3-14/+0
It wasn't used anyway because OsmoBTS relied on OpenBSC only. As of ec33b0397f5d71248c5834513d4be7b9b0e46366 in OsmoBTS it does not need any shared includes anymore. Change-Id: Ia689c7f2163dd23e429ee9d17177345b5c9470c7
2017-10-10SI2q: fix generation for multiple UARFCNsMax3-29/+25
* fix insert routine to keep the list sorted by UARFCN * fix rest octets generator to properly account for offset * adjust test results accordingly Change-Id: I443c5c5f937b490578354f3c8a0c5b92629f2794 Related: OS#2357
2017-10-09OML: consider RSL link stateMax7-6/+39
OML link state is available via vty ("sh bts 0" command) and ctrl ("oml-connection-state" RO variable). When showing OML link state, take into consideration RSL link state as well: if OML is up but RSL is missing show it as degraded. That's implemented via BTS model-specific functions (currently Sysmo- and Nano- BTS only) Change-Id: I5952fc59e4d82e0aa627ad91d20f964d9559a4c4 Related: OS#2486
2017-10-09SI2q: cleanup UARFCN additionMax2-88/+90
* expand comments, fix typos * constify parameter * move try-add-adjust routine into separate function to facilitate further modifications * remove excessive checks and unnecessary return values * move (UARFCN, Scrambling Code) tuple uniqueness check into separate function and use it early Change-Id: Ia72f848dec40723510ca56868e08081804227d47 Related: OS#2357
2017-10-05add ';' after OSMO_ASSERT()Neels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
Currently, OSMO_ASSERT() is defined such that it ends in a semicolon, hence an added ';' is redundant. However, the usual way this kind of macro should be defined is #define OSMO_ASSERT(x) do { ... } while(0) so that the compiler requires a trailing semicolon. To prepare for such a change possibly coming up in libosmocore, add ';' to all OSMO_ASSERT() users. Change-Id: If6dce81faee9177737a6e1b572a871aaf7e37138
2017-10-04Remove any references to RANAP and IuHarald Welte3-66/+0
This is a BSC, it has norelation to RANAP or Iu(h). Let's remove an references to it, and also the build dependency to libosmo-ranap-dev Change-Id: I517b9f69309b2ed0540dd6c186b3d4a2a03aed44
2017-10-03.gitignore: Update to post-NITB-split realitiesHarald Welte1-26/+13
Change-Id: I4655e7e0f79073061b97e0918583b7eaf99bf797
2017-10-02Fix repo split aftermathMax2-9/+6
* remove checks for non-existent tests * always enable bsc and nat-trie tests because both are built unconditionally * enable gsm0408 test which was removed by mistake * adjust gsm0408 test output to remove SMS-related results Change-Id: I73ad079a6333ba56e73b7c4d1d0e9c8255c2a03b Related: OS#2257
2017-10-01gsm0408_test: Verify that BA-IND is 0 in SI2xxx and 1 in SI5xxxHarald Welte2-4/+70
This adds a test case to explicitly verify the BA-IND is as expected by the behaviour introduced in Change-Id I1cd0dc51026dcd0e508e63eea4e333e6b184787a Related: OS#2525 Change-Id: I3e5b260af97ce96a221e4d51f6c1b41d58817a59
2017-10-01Make sure BA-IND in all SI2xxx is '0' and in all SI5xxx is '1'Harald Welte3-92/+110
In masurement reports sent by the MS, this can then be used to correlate if a given measurement report was in response to a BCCH/neighbor list received on BCCH (SI2xxx) or on dowlink SACCH (SI5xxx). Closes: OS#2525 Change-Id: I1cd0dc51026dcd0e508e63eea4e333e6b184787a
2017-10-01libbsc: document arguments of generate_bcch_chan_list()Harald Welte1-1/+7
Change-Id: I5afc6e6a5a1d6b6a8ee73fdb60cc28074cf8585b
2017-09-27Show OML link uptime in vtyMax4-3/+31
Save the time when OML link to BTS was established and show it in vty. That's useful when troubleshooting issues like periodic/sporadic BTS restart. Related: SYS#3889 Change-Id: I9e4e8504afe8ca467b68d41826f61654e24d9600
2017-09-26Remove unneeded dbi dependencyPau Espin Pedrol5-6/+0
Most probably a leftover from openbsc git Change-Id: I230564b6a6ad244ec6328a99a1c3dbd9bc5521ae
2017-09-25CTRL: cleanup write-only command functionsMax1-31/+3
Remove trivial functions by using more specific defines for CTRL commands. Change-Id: I10d6d18663aed87324d60472a0fc3bd1d0961dea
2017-09-25Further cleanup leftovers from BSC/MSC splitMax6-131/+1
* drop unused header * fix name of jenkins test * remove dead code Change-Id: I986904864741995910b6ba92173b9f7b1b03e2f1
2017-09-23Wrap channel state assignment in macroMax3-6/+10
Previously we've used function so debug print always pointed to the same place which is not very useful. Wrap it with macro so proper file:line is printed. Also, make sure that we always change state only through this wrapper and log only when the state has changed. Change-Id: I21789f8021290965b61a54a2b23177ccbbfe8321
2017-09-15doc/examples: tweak osmo-bsc.cfg, add osmo-bsc_custom-sccp.cfgNeels Hofmeyr3-29/+129
Now osmo-bsc.cfg's SCCP addresses work by internal defaults, while osmo-bsc_custom-sccp.cfg shows how to use custom STP IP address and SCCP point codes. Change-Id: Icb41d5adc24b2ee5613be691a201df8f3566e5dd
2017-09-14SI13: drop PBCCH-related bitsMax3-69/+20
According to 3GPP TS 44.018 ยง1.8 the "network shall never enable PBCCH and PCCCH". Change-Id: I319e71a4b0c682361529e9c21377398a826b934b Related: OS#2400
2017-09-11fix vty tests: vty no longer goes to parent node implicitlyNeels Hofmeyr1-22/+0
Fix three instances of VTY tests working because it used to include implicit 'exit' commands to the parent node. Since libosmocore change-id Id73cba2dd34676bad8a130e9c45e67a272f19588 = commit d64b6aed235f6e4d84a2cb8e84b32c3179260254, we no longer do this implicit-exit in interactive VTY shells. *) in testPingPongConfiguration, the intention is to enter the /msc 0 node. Drop prior entry of the 'network' node, which looks like an oversight. So far the 'msc 0' caused an implicit 'exit' and thus worked, now fails. *) Two instances following comments "# Check searching for outer node's commands", which look like they are intended to check for this implicit-exit behavior. This is obsolete, drop those parts of the tests. Change-Id: I77931d6a09c42c443c6936000592f22a7fd06cab
2017-09-08Make TRX rf locking more visibleMax4-8/+12
* log administrative state transitions * log what's caused it * while at it, mark boolean variable as such Change-Id: I3e25a19fac4d0b4886d825c9876771b1f66efe58 Related: SYS#3864
2017-09-06drop MGCP client from osmo-bscNeels Hofmeyr1-6/+0
After osmo-mgw change I8e0b2d2a399b77086a36606f5e427271c6242df1, there now is a separated libosmo-mgcp-client, and osmo-bsc needs adjusting. But besides having an unused struct in gsm_network, osmo-bsc does not yet use its MGCP client; these are merely plans for the future. Until we do, let's just drop the dependency entirely. Change-Id: I6402c7cbe58dacae7630f7f03819f8102e54c699
2017-09-06move include/openbsc to include/osmocom/bscNeels Hofmeyr167-512/+516
Change-Id: I39e7b882caa98334636d19ccd104fd83d07d5055
2017-09-06rewrite READMENeels Hofmeyr1-37/+24
Change-Id: I2487ddbd37f989eb29b45bbf07beb5be468b867d
2017-09-06rename openbsc.pc to osmo-bsc.pcNeels Hofmeyr3-4/+4
Change-Id: I99ab9fea01c11841437b587dffd4e1fff17a291f
2017-09-06drop files unrelated to osmo-bscNeels Hofmeyr56-3037/+0
These either remain from openbsc.git or slipped in while applying recent patches from openbsc.git and do not belong in osmo-bsc. Empty out contrib: remove things that are either obviously unrelated to osmo-bsc, or seem old and/or esoteric. osmoappdesc.py: drop nitb_e1_configs (and some ws) Change-Id: Ib20064f35e623d99c7d59496a3156e84b8a0d07a
2017-09-03configure.ac: Package is now called osmo-bsc, not openbscHarald Welte2-2/+2
Change-Id: I85511946316a34877080ac55553c5b88e34bd1be
2017-09-03configure.ac: Remove check for GMTOFFHarald Welte1-25/+0
this was from NITB days and now in osmo-msc.git Change-Id: I337201ec2c2457100b229b5df2cbabbcb801236f
2017-09-03configure.ac: Remove checks for libgtp + c-aresHarald Welte2-18/+0
Those are requirements of sgsn/gtphub and live in osmo-sgsn.git Change-Id: I6054444aba84b37e5c05da065e1e73e5c8669205
2017-09-03configure.ac: Remove --enable-iuHarald Welte2-20/+2
There is no Iu in a BSC, this was from old times with OsmoNITB. This configure option now lives in osmo-msc.git Change-Id: I9cf1c430855fe8a59fea1cf0abb3242c38d45cea