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<child_of nodeid='14' />
<name>BTS Configuration</name>
<description>This is the configuration of a single BTS.</description>
- <command id='oml ip.access stream_id &lt;0-255&gt; line E1_LINE'>
+ <command id='oml ipa stream-id &lt;0-255&gt; line E1_LINE'>
Set the IPA stream identifier for the OML link within the IPA
multiplex. Must be the same as on the BTS side. The default
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
shall be used by MS in this cell. The default should be enabled.
- <command id='ip.access rsl-ip A.B.C.D'>
+ <command id='ipa rsl-ip A.B.C.D'>
Configure the IP address of the BSC used for RSL. Abis/IP
BTSs, including OsmoBTS and the nanoBTS will be instructed to
@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@
- <command id='ip.access unit_id &lt;0-65534&gt; &lt;0-255&gt;'>
+ <command id='ipa unit-id &lt;0-65534&gt; &lt;0-255&gt;'>
The ip.access unit ID is a parameter of the IPA
Signalling-over-IP multiplex. It is administratively