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HO: Implement load based handover, as handover_decision_2.c
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--- a/tests/handover_cfg.vty
+++ b/tests/handover_cfg.vty
@@ -190,6 +190,7 @@ OsmoBSC(config-net)# list
handover2 penalty-time failed-ho (<0-99999>|default)
handover2 penalty-time failed-assignment (<0-99999>|default)
handover2 retries (<0-9>|default)
+ handover2 congestion-check (disabled|<1-999>|now)
OsmoBSC(config-net)# handover?
@@ -219,6 +220,7 @@ OsmoBSC(config-net)# handover2 ?
max-handovers Maximum number of concurrent handovers allowed per cell (HO algo 2 only)
penalty-time Set penalty times to wait between repeated handovers (HO algo 2 only)
retries Immediately retry on handover/assignment failure (HO algo 2 only)
+ congestion-check Configure congestion check interval (HO algo 2 only)
OsmoBSC(config-net)# handover algorithm ?
1 Algorithm 1: trigger handover based on comparing current cell and neighbor RxLev and RxQual, only.
@@ -395,8 +397,13 @@ OsmoBSC(config-net)# handover2 retries ?
<0-9> Number of retries
default Use default (0), remove explicit setting on this node
+OsmoBSC(config-net)# handover2 congestion-check ?
+ disabled Disable congestion checking, do not handover based on cell overload
+ <1-999> Congestion check interval in seconds (default 10)
+ now Manually trigger a congestion check to run right now
-OsmoBSC(config-net)# ### Same on BTS level
+OsmoBSC(config-net)# ### Same on BTS level, except for the congestion-check
OsmoBSC(config-net)# bts 0
OsmoBSC(config-net-bts)# handover?