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authorMax <msuraev@sysmocom.de>2017-12-19 18:04:18 +0100
committerMax <msuraev@sysmocom.de>2017-12-19 18:08:46 +0100
commitf8dc5262070585e9c1b0166cc8b17fc6ada208a1 (patch)
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Remove unneeded .py scripts
The ipa.py has been moved to osmo-python-tests as osmo_ipa - use it for vty and ctrl tests instead of local copy. The soap.py and twisted_ipa.py are not BSC-specific: leftovers from repository split which are now available in osmo-python-tests as well. Change-Id: Ia4285b18b152b070c148228604d1e61a8adedba1
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/tests/ctrl_test_runner.py b/tests/ctrl_test_runner.py
index ccc6758a4..4f5df3950 100755
--- a/tests/ctrl_test_runner.py
+++ b/tests/ctrl_test_runner.py
@@ -29,11 +29,7 @@ import struct
import osmopy.obscvty as obscvty
import osmopy.osmoutil as osmoutil
-# add $top_srcdir/contrib to find ipa.py
-sys.path.append(os.path.join(sys.path[0], '..', 'contrib'))
-from ipa import Ctrl, IPA
+from osmopy.osmo_ipa import Ctrl, IPA
# to be able to find $top_srcdir/doc/...
confpath = os.path.join(sys.path[0], '..')