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resurrect meas_feed.c: vty, vty-test
At this point, meas-feed is usable again, however, osmo-bsc is not able to include the IMSI in every report like osmo-nitb did. In consequence, the meas-vis and meas-web tools are unable to handle the current measurement reports: these so far use the IMSI to list reports, and all reports without an IMSI are collapsed onto the same line, swapping values. So though osmo-bsc now sends usable measurement reports via meas-feed, two avenues to improve should be pursued: OS#3192: the visualization tools should use bts,ts,ss numbers, not IMSI. OS#2969: osmo-bsc should always know a mobile identity. Related: OS#2968 Change-Id: I186c7a995dd2b81746c32a58b55da64ed195a1ce
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